Friday, August 31

Rusting by design

The days are growing shorter and cooler.
The colors of summer are fading.
Getting ready for an autumn show of the most glorious shades of red, yellow and rust.
We like rust around here.
We're cultivating our own.
And thinking about the possibilities.

Saturday, August 25

As Luck Would Have It

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Well, not always.
I met the man of my adolescent dreams in Las Vegas nine months ago.
At the airport.
We still marvel at the intricacies of fate that brought us together.
How easily we might have missed each other.
I made this book to collect our story.
The covers were etched and soldered.
The pages were rusted and dyed.
The gaming token is from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.
Filling the pages will take a little longer, but it'll be happy work.