Saturday, August 25

As Luck Would Have It

They say that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
Well, not always.
I met the man of my adolescent dreams in Las Vegas nine months ago.
At the airport.
We still marvel at the intricacies of fate that brought us together.
How easily we might have missed each other.
I made this book to collect our story.
The covers were etched and soldered.
The pages were rusted and dyed.
The gaming token is from McCarran Airport in Las Vegas.
Filling the pages will take a little longer, but it'll be happy work.


  1. wow, dare I say, I would love to hear more... sounds like a great story... and I just repinned your book, gorgeous!

  2. does this mean you brought him home????????

  3. What a story, and a book! Nice cliff hanger...

    Would love to hear more!

  4. Tell more...tell more! The book looks great:)

  5. Hooray!!!!
    Love the look of the and all it represents!book

  6. It was a treasure to witness it's making... the book...
    not the "vegas" stuff... wink wink
    Love it... Love you!

  7. What a visual feast your photographs are . . as are those luscious pages!

  8. Well, I agree with everyone!! The book is amazing, evocative with all the shapes and rust, and I am so happy I got to hear your story first hand, and I got to meet your man for myself. I am so happy for you. And i can see you are thriving, and so is your art! Thanks too for your 'threads' story.
    love, roxanne

  9. WOW - looks like fifty shades of GOLD!

  10. i love this book and your story .
    look forward to more (:

  11. i heard something similar just last week
    childhood sweethearts reunited after many many years
    except their story is told in paint

    it's a beautiful book
    for a lovely story

  12. How wonderful it all is, your book and your love!

  13. oooh!!!
    I didn't know you met him in Vegas!!! That is really cool. I have a special love for Vegas even though there is a lot not to love. So this is very intriguing!
    So happy for you, my friend.

    You can tell him all about me if you want, by the way.

  14. What a beautiful book. Your art keeps getting more amazing

  15. What a beautiful book. Your art keeps getting more amazing

  16. You could make a fortune selling these that's amazing

  17. Lovely cover. What stencil did you use, if you don't mind me asking?

  18. LOVE Your ART, it is so full of Inspiration and Raw Beauty...You inspire my Soul !!