Friday, August 31

Rusting by design

The days are growing shorter and cooler.
The colors of summer are fading.
Getting ready for an autumn show of the most glorious shades of red, yellow and rust.
We like rust around here.
We're cultivating our own.
And thinking about the possibilities.


  1. Wow! In checking my blog stats this morning, I discovered that you've been sending people my way and wanted to say Thank You!

    And then I saw your rusty pages and books...they're wonderful! Congratulations on being part of Seth's Mixed Media book also.

    Thanks for sending people my way. I'll definitely be back to visit. Enjoy! Jennifer

  2. Oh love that rust!! I need to get out my rusty bits again. You must have let those pages sit a long time to get that thick of rust.

  3. More, more, more. You really do rust justice!

  4. Ah Ha! Cultivating glorious rust and sharing it with us in these gorgeous photographs, what could be better.

  5. wow!
    you R the best
    rust on...

    xox - eb.

  6. So beautiful. Leslie!
    Glad to see more of your work. Amazing how many colors are in rust, isn't it?!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxx infinity