Friday, September 28

Capturing Fall

There are piles of leaf-dyed paper sitting around my studio and extended studio (kitchen), and still I roll more bundles for the dye pot.
This last batch had marigold petals sprinkled on some of the pages. I like how the flowers add fall color to the mix.
I dyed some silks and wools as well, but the images aren't as crisp as on the BFK Rives paper. These will probably end up as blocks in the tablecloth I keep threatening to make.
At some point, I'm going to start making covers to house all these pages. But not today.

Tuesday, September 18

Eco-dyeing - A New Tradition

I believe I've got a new custom, because piles of fall leaves inevitably lead me to eco-dyeing anymore.
Two years ago, Patricia Kessler came for the weekend and shared her enthusiasm and knowledge of dyeing with things found in the garden after she took a workshop with India Flint in Sewanee, Tennessee, at Shakerag.

 Patricia and I met at the airport in Nashville before the workshop when she pegged me for an artist because of the shoes I was wearing. Funny, I can't remember the shoes at all...
But, I do remember the beautiful work that everyone produced in that classroom.
Last fall, India came here and taught her Landskin workshop. (Gosh, I guess I never blogged about that, but the workshop was awesome, as were the skins that came out of it.)
This fall, I'm dyeing paper to bind into books, and once again, I'm feeling the thrill that comes from opening a bundle. It never gets old, as anyone who enjoys this process will surely tell you.