Thursday, September 20

Oak leaves on paper


  1. these are wonderful, did you pound them? paper? fabric? do tell!!

    1. Thanks, Caterina. The images were made on watercolor paper. I wrapped the leaves between the paper around copper pipe and boiled them. I'm going to bind them into books this week.

  2. Oh these are just lovely! xo Deb

  3. fall is the perfect season for oak leaves...

  4. {{ love
    in Love with these, leslie ...
    i have india's first book,
    was this process in there?
    cannot find it...

    {{ i SO miss taking that workshop;
    i did just have The Best Time with eb
    learning RustyLoveArtMakingThings }}

    does the copper pipe act as a mordant?
    or could paper B wrapped around a wooden dowel?

    {{ my marigolds are overflowing! }}

  5. Swooning over your eco-dyed papers. The colours are amazing and you take such beautiful photographs!

  6. I just discovered your blog and I am fascinated by your work.Could you please tell me it the pipe acted as a mordant or you used something else.You also say that you boiled the pipes,what about the paper.
    Please let me know if you offer online classes.
    Thank you,Alexandra

  7. Would love a step by step instruction on this. They are exquisite! I see that you wrapped them around a copper pipe. So did you place the leaf on the paper and then wrapped it around the pipe and tied it? And then dropped the whole thing in boiling water? For how long? Would love more details on this so I could try this with my students.

  8. I do so want to try this. Do you think cotton, linen or silk would work better?