Thursday, October 4

Autumn's smile

"Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree." ~ Emily Bronte
Today, I'm building homes for the leaf pages. The first page of this book is made from mica sandwiched around a skeleton leaf. The rest are the eco-dyed paper mixed with some decorative and Mi-Teintes pastel papers.
Tomorrow, the rust paper . . .


  1. stunning as always, Leslie, but then you know I adore your work...
    the leaf pages are wonderful.. and so timely

  2. Gorgeous! You are a fantastic book maker! Love seeing your work :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous book! I mean, really. Where did you learn your craft because you are an A++++ student!

  4. Hi, Leslie - first let me thank you for sharing your blog publicly, such beautiful photos. More than anything, I love seeing your artwork - your soul revealed therein. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the way you introduce Nature to "smelted looking" metals. I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Sorry to hear about your wonderful German Shepherd. He is gorgeous, too, and looks like a sweetheart. A tragic loss. It is with great pleasure I become your newest follower. I'm looking forward to seeing the marvelous inspiration you share in the coming months. hugs, de

  5. I just discovered your art. Wonderful!!! Can you tell me where I could purchase the clear mica sheets? Thanks.