Saturday, October 6

Diamonds and Rust

I've been itching to use that as a book title.
So, I added a little rhinestone to this one, just so I could. I guess you might say that the tail was wagging the dog, but I like it.
As threatened, the pages in this book are made from paper I rusted last month.
The first page is made from sandwiched composite mica.
This image of the girls sits inside of a rusty washer embellished with brass filigree under resin. It (thankfully) fits nicely in the hole cut into the front cover.
A piece of vintage lace rests between the sheets of mica.
I'm really liking the endbands I've added to the last two books. It took a lot of false starts before I was able to relearn how to stitch these. Daniel Essig taught me the technique, but it's been a while.


  1. Your passion for this work really shows in your photos......brilliant and beautiful!

  2. clearly
    you are a Maker of Treasures Supreme ♥

  3. the details in this are just amazing and your stitches seem perfect to me.

  4. Leslie! I love the title of your book too. And the pages, and the lace, the mica and your stitching... AND everything! I am so glad to be visiting here this morning!!!

  5. Your attention to detail is astonishing. This is so beautiful.

  6. Leslie, this book is gorgeous . . . The one I did with Dan Essig I restitched 4 times before I was happy with it!