Thursday, April 18

April showers bring more ingredients for the dye pot

The dye pot is a permanent fixture at the top of my driveway.


My friends laugh and ask what I'm brewing.


The giant pot with steam rising from it was once used for frying turkeys.


Now it's used for cooking up magic.


I've used up every single leaf that I pressed last fall. Until the trees yield more, it's eucalyptus.

I've been making books recently too.


Even playing with some new designs. Books that I might be able to produce in less time.


Using papers dyed with last fall's nine bark leaves.


I've bound so many books that the act is almost calming. Satisfying.


Not so much with my metal stamping. Oops!


I've also been making newborn head wraps.

And I've been thrilled to see them modeled on actual newborns! Thank you so much, Ashley Childress at SweetLilPics and Giselle Salazar at Giselle Salazar Photography for the beautiful images! I can't stop looking at them!

I can't stop making head wraps either.

If you're interested, they can be purchased in my freshly stocked Etsy shop.

My Etsy shop is not new. I opened it four years ago. But I never put a single thing in it.

Until now. I'll be adding some books before long. Not nearly as long as it took me to add my first item. Promise.

And I'll be keeping an eye on the next crop of eco-dyeing material emerging in my yard.

Happy spring to you all!