Saturday, October 26

"There's No Rush"

Mark Twain said, "Never put off till tomorrow what may be done day after tomorrow just as well."

Ten months ago, a dear friend asked if I would make a book for her.

"One of the big ones," she said. "There's no rush."

Music to my procrastinating ears. No rush she said, and rush I didn't . . . until the day before I was to deliver it.

I had the covers finished months ago, the pages torn and dyed. It was simply the putting it all together. Finishing it.

And I wasn't dreading it. I like making these big behemoths. I like the feel of them in my hands.

Nevertheless, I was binding and gluing right up until the moment I hopped in the car. Blowing on the glue as I raced to meet her. Well, not exactly, but almost.

It's the season when all my There's No Rushes are coming due, but I'll think about it tomorrow.

While I was thinking about it, I made a few more books for my shop.

Monday, October 14

Cute as a Button

This tiny book measures only 1 1/4" by 7/8" and has a Victorian brass button on its cover.

It's headed to Florida tomorrow, but I have a handful of covers that I'll be binding into books and necklaces this week.

I used the smallest little leaves to eco-dye the pages that cuddle the signatures inside of it. 

There's something so precious about working this small. It makes me want to talk in a squeaky little baby voice, and that's really not very cute at all.

Tuesday, October 8

A Full Life

I have a lot on my work table these days.

Books in various stages of completion.

Destined for shops and galleries.

My Etsy shop. (Eventually)

And stockings.

These covers and the two above are less than an inch tall and will be made into necklaces.

I soldered the largest batch I've ever processed last week. Happily.

In that batch was this business card holder for my son, who asked me to make one for his desk.

I enjoyed experimenting with other ways to use the solder and resin.

I've been working on several crochet projects too. One is an afghan that will stay right here, on our couch, over my shoulders.

And, I've been enjoying the fall and everything it offers. 

Loving each and every blessing of my full life, and wishing you all the same.