Sunday, December 15

Can You Spell U.N.P.R.E.P.A.R.E.D?

I just finished these letters for The Littles to hang with their stockings or on their doors. They are sweet little things at 5 inches tall. I wish I'd finished them earlier, maybe added some to my Etsy shop.

It's just ten days before Christmas, and it's one of those seasons for me. The tree is up, the lights are strung, but there's not a single ornament on it. I may resort to handing out these at the door. That poor tree is lucky I'm giving it water.

So, I'm giving you all fair warning. There is no wreath on the door, no garland on the stairs. Not a single bough on the mantle. . .

But, there is joy in our hearts, hope for the coming year, love and laughter in our home.

And resolve, that next year, we will be better prepared.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 1

I Had to Have a Table . . .

I feel very fortunate to have been included in Riverbank Antiques' Antiquing After Dark last month.

I had never done a show like this before.

In fact, I'd never done any show.

So, I was pretty busy getting inventory together.

I had to have something on my table to sell.

I had to have a table.

I met so many new people.

Ate some cookies and drank some cider.

Listened to music that put me into a Christmas state of mind.

Oohed and awed over all the pretty things.

Sold some books.

And came home with a table!

That is currently covered with wearable books I brought back from the show. If you are interested in books of any size, please take a look at my Etsy shop!

I've got to clear that table and get back to work!