Sunday, December 1

I Had to Have a Table . . .

I feel very fortunate to have been included in Riverbank Antiques' Antiquing After Dark last month.

I had never done a show like this before.

In fact, I'd never done any show.

So, I was pretty busy getting inventory together.

I had to have something on my table to sell.

I had to have a table.

I met so many new people.

Ate some cookies and drank some cider.

Listened to music that put me into a Christmas state of mind.

Oohed and awed over all the pretty things.

Sold some books.

And came home with a table!

That is currently covered with wearable books I brought back from the show. If you are interested in books of any size, please take a look at my Etsy shop!

I've got to clear that table and get back to work!


  1. What lovely treasures, Leslie. I must keep this in mind for a treat and gifting.

  2. Thanks, Nancy! Please do, or if you'd like me to make something especially for you.