Saturday, October 18

Earth Notes

I'm just back from a week-long workshop at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, North Carolina. This was the view from the deck there. It was a beautiful location and wonderful workshop.

I taught two classes on ecodyeing with paper and cloth to an awesome group of printers.

Some people even bound their results into books, but most were too captivated by the process of dyeing to quit!

I took a couple of classes too.

One was printing leaves using a brayer. It was a lot of fun, and I printed a LOT of cool paper.

The other was printing precious metal clay using natural material and making molds. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Making a few books too.

Finished my project for Roxanne Evans Stout's book that will be published in the spring. I can't share more than a little sneak peek right now.

Next week I'll be on the road again. Teaching in Texas with Roxanne at our Red Oaks Book Arts workshop. I'm really looking forward to seeing Roxanne and meeting Laura and our students.

Wednesday, October 1

Red Oak Book Arts II

There are a few spots left in the workshop Roxanne Evans Stout and I are teaching in the hill country outside of San Antonio later this month. 

October 24 - 26, participants will be busy making a 3-inch by 4-inch book...

They'll make eco-dyed paper for some pages ...

Roxanne will guide them through embellishing the rest of them.

And Laura's (HastyPearl) glorious home, nestled in these hills, will serve as the gateway to an idyllic palette of color, inspiration and material. She's feeding us lunch too.

For more information, visit here. But, hurry.

Thursday, September 18

Studio Table

Seth, at The Altered Page, has invited readers to share photos of their studio tables today - regardless of the shape they're in. Mine have looked worse, but they've also looked better!

I am fortunate to have a studio with lots of light off the back of my house. There are four tables in that room that generally look something like this . . . or worse. My assistant and I often sit facing each other at this table. It's counter high, which I love, because then I can stand or sit, depending on my mood or the task at hand.

This drafting table sits perpendicular to the table above. It's also counter high. My flexible shaft is attached to the right side, and I drill into the stack of Rio Grande catalogs. Sometimes, I even shop from those catalogs when I'm cleaning out the shavings that accumulate. 
Those large spools of yarn are for a project I hope to take on after the holidays. 
You may notice a crack in the glass of this table. It cracked one winter when I thought it was too cold to solder outside, and that a solderite pad was enough protection. A bad idea for several reasons.

 I love the surface of this old work table, and often use it as a backdrop when I'm shooting photos of projects. Most recently, we used it for sanding and adding patina. It's also a catch-all table when things simply must be removed from the kitchen table because someone wants to eat or something.

Work often spills over onto the kitchen table. Like today. I've blacked out a project that I can't share yet. My phone screen really needs to be cleaned.

This is the garage studio, where we solder, since learning a valuable lesson in cracking the glass on the drafting table. The fan sucks fumes out the open door. Another excellent reason NOT to solder in the house is fumes.

And this is the driveway studio, where we dye paper and fabric using this repurposed turkey fryer! There are a couple of other fryers in the garage, but no need to have the neighbors talking more than they already do!

Head over to Seth's blog for a list of other artists' studio tables shared today.

Monday, September 15

Books and Lambkins

I wasn't a very good blogger this summer.

But here are some of the things I've been doing. Gifts for a bride and groom.

And for my blue-loving granddaughter.

Also, a wearable book for my cousin - the subject in the photo on the book below.

A business card holder for my man's desk.

Making bunnies and lambs. . . 

Out of mink, silk and mohair . . . 

Lots of them.

Just because I wanted a little lamb for newborn photos of my newest grandson. The first one I made was too large, so I missed it, but, I am prepared now!

You can see more of his photos over here.

Monday, September 8

Feeling Lucky

I mentioned in my last post that I was getting ready for a few shows. I'm thrilled to be involved with three Clover Markets this fall. Sunday, September 14, in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, is the first one. I will also be in Ardmore September 28 and November 2. I hope to see you there!

Below are some photos of my booth from the June market.

Saturday, September 6

The colors of fall

I've been dyeing with black walnut leaves.

Experimenting with different papers.

And different processes.

I'm thrilled, really, with the results.

Taking note of the things that work.

And the things that don't work as well.

Gearing up for several shows I'm doing this fall.

And some workshops that I'm teaching.

Trying hard to remember the lessons of my mentor - India Flint.

Patience, Grasshopper.

Sunday, June 15

Clover Market

I don't want this blog to be just a big running ad for my work, but it seems that much of my focus recently has been on preparing for the Clover Market, and I am so excited to be a part of the fun. If you've never attended, and you can get there, you SHOULD! It's a wonderful open-air juried market. The vendors are spectacular. The food trucks serve innovative and surprisingly awesome fare. And it's Ardmore. While you're there, stop in and see me! Hope to see you there.

Monday, June 2

Red Oaks Book Arts

 Please join Roxanne Evans Stout and me in the beautiful hill country above San Antonio for a three-day book arts workshop October 24, 25, and 26 -- 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, at the lovely home of our hostess, Laura Roberts of Hasty Pearl.

The first day of  the workshop, I will guide students through the process of creating 3- by 4-inch soldered covers for their books. At the same time, participants will learn how to coax color from leaves we collect while exploring our idyllic setting, leaving behind beautiful prints on paper.

 Day two, Roxanne will share with students her many techniques for decorating their pages -- texturing and layering, collaging and designing, attaching and stitching, adding text and even their own drawings of the beautiful oak leaves and vegetation.

 Day three will be used to put it all together. Students will continue working on decorating and collaging their pages, and then, I will show everyone how to bind their finished pages into a book, using a technique that has been employed since the second century.

 Students will go home with a beautiful and unique hand-bound book, to treasure forever.

This three-day immersion will be filled with wonder, laughter and unforgettable moments of creativity.
 The cost for this three-day workshop is $400. Cost of transportation and accommodations are not included. A list of hotels close to the venue will be sent when you have made the decision to attend. A $150 deposit will secure your spot. You can send your payment to Roxanne - via PayPal or by check to:

Roxanne Evans Stout
P.O. Box 645
Keno, OR

Your final payment will be due by September 30.

A $40 kit fee will be payable on the first day of the workshop.

 For more information, you can email us here:

Or, visit Roxanne and Laura at their blogs:

 Space is limited.

 I hope to see you there!