Sunday, March 30

Getting Ready for an Exciting Event

My youngest son is getting married next month. And we've all been busy getting things ready for the big day.

One of the projects I've been charged with is the ring pillow. Actually, I asked, "pretty please" if I might make the ring pillow. I've been all about little pillows since making the sweetheart pincushions last month.

I started with a delicate tatted piece of muslin stamped with the name "Alice S. Hagy." I have no idea who Alice was nor why her name was stamped on this piece, but it stayed on the pillow.

Then I added a piece of jersey to the back of the muslin to reinforce it, and started stitching and beading . . . 

And stitching, and stitching, and stitching . . . 

I used a piece of eco-printed felt as the back of the little pillow, because the bride and groom are using a woodland theme for the wedding, and because I think everything is better with a little eco-printed something on it.

I added a pair of delicate silk ribbons in shades of their colors, a vintage "M" for Marsh, and it's ready to be carried down the aisle!


  1. So delicate and beautiful - what a lovely gift and keepsake.

  2. So beautiful Leslie, what a keepsake for the kids to have....I am sure they will be thrilled. xox

  3. May their life together be as beautiful as this ring cushion ;-)