Thursday, July 30

Rose Villa Book Workshop

Last month I was delighted to teach a book class in Michigan with Roxanne Evans Stout. You may know her from her blog River Garden Studio. If you aren't familiar with her work, head over. I'll wait.

I've known Roxanne for years, and I've been a fan of her beautiful nature work, her prose and her gentle ways for all of them. She is full of inspiration and so generous with it!

We had a full house at Rose Villa in the charming little town of Laingsburg. It was like a large slumber party with 12 creative friends!

Roxanne led participants through a wealth of page treatments and techniques, while I focused on the book's structure and ecodyeing some of the paper for the inside of their books. 

Our days were filled to the brim with creativity and excitement and sharing.

We went out to Kip's farm on Day 3 to gather leaves for ecodyeing. Karrie took advantage of the beautiful day. I have a feeling that she doesn't let a single opportunity for joy get past her.

Ecodyeing was a big hit with the ladies. It always is!

At the end of our time together . . . 

I'm happy to say . . . 

That every . . . 

single . . .

book was finished! Everyone finished a small, Coptic-bound book as well.

And tons of other beautiful things!

(This isn't all of the books, of course. A few folks got away before I thought to bring out my camera!)

Kip and Camille - our hostesses - were wonderful. They even brought in a masseuse for Roxanne and me on Day 4! It was greatly appreciated!

Two weeks after our workshop, Sharon (above) drove out from Michigan with her husband and took the workshop by herself at my studio in West Chester! This was after seeing the work that one of the participants completed in class. 

You can check out Tina's review of the workshop here. She took a lot more photos than I did! Thanks, Tina.

And see some of the work done on pages on Roxanne's blog here.

It was a wonderful week, and one I'll remember fondly forever.