Tuesday, June 7

Calendar for the Remainder of 2016

Below is my workshop schedule for the rest of 2016. You can also access this information on my Calendar tab above, and be sure to check back, because more will be added as the details have been ironed out. I hope to see you at one of these workshops!


June 10-12 - Earth Notes - Ecodyed Felt Book - Rose Villa in Laingsburg, Michigan. Registration here.

June 24-26 Crystal River Book Arts with Roxanne Evans Stout at the Redstone, Colorado, home of Laura Roberts. Workshop is FULL


July 13-15 - Stamped Nature Bound - Artists Association of Nantucket on Nantucket, Massachusetts. Registration is Open

July 24 - An Introduction to EcoDyeing - The Bead Lounge in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. Registration is Open


August 10-14 - Private Workshop in Maine (If you've taken a workshop from me and are interested in this one, please contact me for more information)

August 19-20 - Stamped Nature Bound at Pittsburgh Book Arts Collective in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Workshop is FULL


September 3-4 - Stamped Nature Bound at the Wilmington, North Carolina, studio of Kim Wood BellerRegistration is OPEN


October 12-16 - Medieval Girdle Book at Rose Villa in Laingsburg, Michigan. Registration pending.

October 24-30 Nature Printing Society Workshop is FULL

Wednesday, April 20

Chester County Studio Tour

I am so excited to be participating in this year's Chester County Studio Tour on May 21 and 22.
This two-day event is a wonderful way for folks to come out and meet artists in their studios and learn a little more about their creative process. It's a unique opportunity and it's free!

This year's participating artists will be creating a one unique 6- x 6-inch piece of original art that will sell for $75.  My submission to the County Collectors is below. "Calm Life" will be sold to the first taker after the tour opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday morning.

I hope you come out to visit me in Studio #20!

Tuesday, March 22

Clearing some things off my desk

I'm participating in the Chester County Studio Tour May 21-22, 2016. It's the first time I've been involved in this tour, and I'm really excited about it. Above is my submission for the County Collectors - a feature of the Tour that is such a wonderful idea. Participating artists create one 6" by 6" unique piece that will sell for $75. That's it. Just $75. The pieces are all the same the price and size, making art affordable for everyone! Since my art is books and not a painting or something that would fit easily on the 6" square frame, I made mine into a shadow box to hold the book - "Calm Life." Like many (most) of my books, the signatures are wrapped in ecodyed paper. I hope you can come out in May to visit! I only have one comparative piece, so come out early if you're interested!

I've also been working on these freestyle trout flies for a collaboration project. This is the third element in our four-element box, which I'll share when we've reached the finish line. I'm thinking we're about a year in at this point, so maybe another year to finish!

Although I haven't done it for years, I used to enjoy fly fishing. That's what happens when you have two sons. I can cast a fly rod and shoot a shotgun. It was that or stay home, but I actually enjoy both! And I love making these little flies! This one is housed in a vintage-isn lure box that I picked up somewhere.