Tuesday, March 22

Clearing some things off my desk

I'm participating in the Chester County Studio Tour May 21-22, 2016. It's the first time I've been involved in this tour, and I'm really excited about it. Above is my submission for the County Collectors - a feature of the Tour that is such a wonderful idea. Participating artists create one 6" by 6" unique piece that will sell for $75. That's it. Just $75. The pieces are all the same the price and size, making art affordable for everyone! Since my art is books and not a painting or something that would fit easily on the 6" square frame, I made mine into a shadow box to hold the book - "Calm Life." Like many (most) of my books, the signatures are wrapped in ecodyed paper. I hope you can come out in May to visit! I only have one comparative piece, so come out early if you're interested!

I've also been working on these freestyle trout flies for a collaboration project. This is the third element in our four-element box, which I'll share when we've reached the finish line. I'm thinking we're about a year in at this point, so maybe another year to finish!

Although I haven't done it for years, I used to enjoy fly fishing. That's what happens when you have two sons. I can cast a fly rod and shoot a shotgun. It was that or stay home, but I actually enjoy both! And I love making these little flies! This one is housed in a vintage-isn lure box that I picked up somewhere.


  1. Book. Yes! Box. Yes!

    Good luck with the studio tour!